Professional Grade Log Splitters - Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Compact Commercial Log Splitter
Images are of our production units that may have optional equipment installed not included in the base price. Please see our option listings below.
Compact Commercial Log Splitter
  • Full commercial grade, NEW compact design perfect for small wood lots.
  • Towable from either end (45 mph maximum).
  • Up to 300 full cord per year!
  • 8” heavy duty reinforced beam, 12” AR400 wedge.
  • Hydraulic log lift included – 450 LB Capacity.
  • 13 HP Honda GX390 engine.
  • 22 GPM cast iron pump.
  • 25 gallon steel hydraulic tank, powder coated.
  • Hydraulic 4 way wedge included.
  • Blasted and powder coated in your choice of 4 colors.
  • 4.8″ x 12″ rims, 21” radial tires, Dexter hubs and spindles.
  • Fits into pick up truck bed or small trailer, 4′ x 8′ over all size.
  • Weight: 1400 LB.
Models - Compact Commercial Log Splitter
PRO 22C – 22 ton, 24” stroke, 6.5 second cycle time
$6,795.00    Lead Time: 7 - 8 weeks Add to Cart Add to Cart: PRO 22C – 22 ton, 24” stroke, 6.5 second cycle time
PRO 28C – 28 ton, 24” stroke, 8.5 second cycle time
$6,995.00    Lead Time: 7 - 8 weeks Add to Cart Add to Cart: PRO 28C – 28 ton, 24” stroke, 8.5 second cycle time
PRO 35C – 35 ton, 24” stroke, 10.5 second cycle time
$7,295.00    Lead Time: 7 - 8 weeks Add to Cart Add to Cart: PRO 35C – 35 ton, 24” stroke, 10.5 second cycle time
Options - Compact Commercial Log Splitter
Electric start with Interstate battery $300.00
30″ stroke with sorting table extension $500.00
Add the magnum big bore option for 2 second faster cycle times $500.00
6 way wedge $400.00
12 Way Log Splitting Wedge $600.00
Auto cycle hydraulic valve $500.00
Red Baron Powder Coated Paint $0.00
Stihl Orange Powder Coated Paint $0.00
Gun Metal Gray Powder Coated Paint $0.00
Dark Sapphire Powder Coated Paint $0.00
Colors - Powder Coated Paint Options
Powder Coat Paint Samples
Video - Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Stocking up the Oak with the Original Wolfe Ridge 22C Magnum

Todays video takes a look at the first Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial log splitter. This little guy was a cross between our small home owner model and our large High Output splitters. Designed for customers with smaller wood lots, this 4 ft wide, 8 ft long machine is much easier to work around, yet still produces a LOT of firewood very quickly. The 4" main cylinder with 3" rod, 3/4" hoses, 22 GPM pump and #12 dump valve give it a sub 5 second cycle time and enough power to split Oak with the 4 way and 6 way wedges at blazing speeds. This is a great machine for the guys up north to split Oak, Ash, Maple, Poplar, Fir, Larch, etc... For the guys down south and central USA, we do recommend having a bit more tonnage for the tougher logs in your area. For most people, the 28C is perfect balance of speed and power. If you are splitting Hickory, Gum, Eucalyptus or American Elm, then we would suggest the Pro 35C. With Wolfe Ridge, we don't just have a model number, we don't have a bunch of dusty old floor models. We actually custom build each machine for every customer. You can also choose the options you need to make the machine work best for you!

NEW Wicked 12 way wedge and Compact Commercial log splitter demo!

Wicked Wedge testing round 2 with Back 40 Firewood!!

Be sure to add our new 12 Way Log Splitting Wedge for $600 to your log splitter order!

#180 Wolfe Ridge Pro 28Ton splitter, IMPRESSIVE power and Speed! A day with Daves!

Come along as we get an opportunity to test a viewer and friends hydraulic log splitter! We are going to test the capabilities of this Wolfe Ridge Pro 28 Ton splitter and see what its all about!

THE BIG SPLIT! Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial, How much firewood in one hour?

Today is the BIG SPLIT! We tested out the Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter to see how much firewood we could split in one hours time. This splitter is very high production to say the least.


Today I get to try out the Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter. This is an Amazing Machine with 13hp Honda, 4 way wedge, and log lift. This is a commercial unit that has a very high production rate.

Split firewood faster than ever with the Wolfe Ridge MFG Pro 22C!

Wolfe Ridge MFG Pro 22C splitter with auto cycle and 4 way wedge.

Brand New 22 ton Log Splitter with 6 way wedge!

New 2019 Wolfe Ridge 28 ton Magnum log splitter and 24 ft Firewood conveyor