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Make firewood bundles quick and easy with the Wolfe Ridge Firewood Bagging Station!  Our standard FBS1 includes the 1 cubic foot bin.  We also offer a .75 cubic foot bin and a 1.25 cubic foot bin.  Please specify which bin sizes you would like by choosing the options on this page.  Note we do NOT sell the bins by themselves, unless you already own a Wolfe Ridge Firewood Bagging Station.  If you’d like to order just an extra bin, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or call us at 715-598-7790.

  • Make bundling firewood FAST and EASY!
  • Just load your dry firewood in the bin, slide the bag over and flip!

Tech Specs

  • Adjustable height for bin and table
  • Laser cut and precision fabricated in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
  • Powder coated gunmetal gray for long lasting durability
  • 1 year warranty against damage on parts with normal use
  • 1 cubic ft – (most common size) bin included – Uses 20” x 22” or larger bag size
  • .75 cu ft and 1.25 cu ft size bins also available
  • 100 bags included with purchase – 21” x 25”
  • 1.25 cu ft bin requires 22″ x 24″ bag size minimum – not stocked at Wolfe Ridge

Whether you already have an existing bundle business, or you are just starting out with bundles, the Wolfe Ridge Firewood Bagging Station can help you do it quicker, and easier.  The FBS1 also works great for bagging kindling or chunked firewood!



Our firewood bagging stations ship via FedEx Ground for $90 in the USA, or $300 in Canada.
You can also check with your nearest dealer to potentially save some freight cost. Check out our dealer locator.




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3 reviews for Firewood Bagging Station

  1. Phil

    I purchased my bagging station shortly after they were first released and it’s made big difference in my small package sales. The mesh bags easily accommodate anything from smoker chunks and mini split firewood to the more traditional campfire wood. The bags also set me apart from a flooded wrapped bundle market. After almost 1000 bags it still looks and preforms like new

  2. Tim poore

    I have the wolfe ridge bagging station. Great product. Well thought out design. Easy to use . It has a table for tying the bag after you turn it over. You can’t beat a wolferidge

  3. Danny Clark

    The Wolfe ridge bagging station is so easy and simple. Requires no power so it easy to use anywhere you need it.

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