28C & 35C – Compact Commercial Log Splitter


The Wolfe Ridge 28C Compact Commercial log splitter is loaded with professional grade features that are standard equipment all while maintaining a small, easy to maneuver form factor.

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The Wolfe Ridge 28C and 35C Compact Commercial log splitters are high-powered machines that can easily split even the toughest logs with their Honda GX390 engine and 22 gallon per minute hydraulic pump.  28-ton splitting force for the 28C, or 35-ton splitting force for the 35C.  Built to last, made in the USA, all Wolfe Ridge machines are produced with top-quality materials to ensure reliable performance, day in and day out.

With its compact design and removable / multi-position drawbar, this log splitter is easy to transport and store, making it a convenient option for a wood yard with limited space. The efficient operation and minimal footprint make it a versatile choice for a wide variety of users.

The Compact Commercial log splitter features the “Magnum Big Bore” package as standard equipment.  This includes the tall push block and big bore cylinder for consistent performance and fast cycle times.  This means less time and effort spent on splitting wood, and more time for everything else.  The Compact Commercial log splitter from Wolfe Ridge is loaded with features that make it a user-friendly choice for operators of all skill levels.

  • 28-ton or 35-ton splitting force
  • Magnum Big Bore package with fast cycle time
    • 28C = 6.5 seconds
    • 35C = 8.5 seconds
  • Compact design for easy transport and storage
  • Powerful Honda engine for consistent performance
  • Easy-to-use controls – Made in USA Prince hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic log lift as standard equipment
  • Hydraulic wedge height adjustment as standard equipment
  • Electric start as standard equipment
  • Sandblasted and powder coated for a tough, long lasting appearance
    • Red, Orange, Gray, or Blue as standard color options
    • Custom colors with any RAL color code for added fee
  • 1 year warranty on machine – 3 year on engine
  • Optional attached conveyor package includes:
    • Double stack hydraulic pump (small section to run conveyor)
    • Added valves under the sorting table for the conveyor
    • Redesigned sorting table for conveyor funnel action
    • 8’ hydraulic powered conveyor – same width as our stand-alone conveyors
    • Hydraulic height adjustment for conveyor and hydraulic forward and reverse
    • Revised drawbar with added jacks and positions for extra stability
    • Hydraulic oil cooler package is included with the conveyor option package

Whether you’re running a full time firewood business or need to split logs for your own personal use, the Compact Commercial log splitter is the efficient and powerful solution you’ve been searching for. Invest in a high-quality, made in USA log splitter that delivers exceptional results every time.

Tech Specs

  • Honda GX390 13HP engine
  • 12 volt electric start with Interstate battery
  • 10 amp charge coil for running auxiliary 12V items
  • 22 GPM hydraulic pump
  • 25 gallon hydraulic tank with cartridge return filter
  • Prince auto cycle valve
  • Magnum big bore package with 12 inch tall push block
  • Bronze self lube slides on push block
  • In-house welded & fabricated splitter beam
  • 31 inch beam height
  • 24 inch stroke length (30 or 36 inch optional)
  • Hydraulic log lift included
  • Hydraulic wedge height adjustment
  • Removable 4 way wedge included (6 or 12 way optional)
  • Removable draw bar with 2 inch hitch ball coupler
  • 45 MPH recommended max towing speed
  • 4.8″ x 12″ rims, 21” radial tires, Dexter hubs and spindles
  • Fits into pick up truck bed or small trailer, 4′ x 8′ over all size *WITHOUT conveyor package
  • Weight: 1400 LB *WITHOUT conveyor package


Our horizontal splitters can ship on a pallet, or via partial flatbed / hotshot trucking.  If you have a freight terminal near you we can arrange freight to that location.  Or, if a semi truck can get to your address, we can arrange a shipment with liftgate service.  You could also pick up your new machine from the closest Wolfe Ridge dealer.  Check out our dealer locator.
Please note: 

  • If you have a machine shipped via partial flatbed or hotshot, you will need a piece of equipment for unloading.  Such as a forklift, tractor or skid steer with pallet forks and sufficient lifting capacity.
  • If you have your machine shipped LTL on a pallet, we can also offer optional liftgate service.  Your new machine would get unloaded at the end of your driveway closest to the road – provided a semi truck can get to your address.




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9 reviews for 28C & 35C – Compact Commercial Log Splitter

  1. Doug One Eye Customs

    I absolutely love the 28C, it is the perfect size for my wood yard and has all the power a person could need!
    Don’t forget the extension sorting table and the 6 way wedge.

  2. Matt Firewood On The Hill

    I love my 28C. This log splitters has a fast cycle time and plenty of power. The best part about the splitter is it’s in a small package but doesn’t sacrifice power or speed.

  3. Dan – Back 40 Firewood

    The Wolfe Ridge 28C log splitter stands out as a premier piece of equipment, known for its heavy-duty construction and exceptional performance. Designed for serious firewood processing, this log splitter features a robust frame and powerful hydraulic system, ensuring it can handle even the toughest logs with ease. Whether you’re dealing with large, knotted logs or denser hardwoods, the Wolfe Ridge 28C delivers outstanding results, making it a go-to choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

  4. Tim poore

    I have the 35c with a 36” stroke. it’s ate everything I’ve fed it.

  5. Jon

    If you are doing this as a side business don’t be put off by the price. This machine will save you time and money in the long run. It’s worth every penny. The best part though is the customer you get. Chris gives customer service like they did 25 years ago. Even if you screw something up they will do everything they can to help you. I had an issue with my engine after a rain storm like no other. Emailed a few times with Chris and boom he helped me fix it. If you want old school customer service this is the place to get it. No I don’t have a YouTube channel or was given anything in return for this review. Wait I lied I was given great customer service that made me want to leave a review. Now go order your splitter.

  6. Rick’s Outdoors

    I have the Pro 28c. It is powerful and quick. I love the ability to change the wedges by hand in less than a minute unlike the other companies splitters. The Customer Service is 5 stars. I have owned a Wolfe Ridge for going on 5 years now. Best decision I ever maded.

  7. Chris Brown

    The 28C is the best option available on the market today for a one man operation. If you look at the competition, no one is offering the same level of performance for the price. The Small frame size allows for one person to work around the machine with ease, and the 13hp Honda motor coupled with a 22 gpm pump is the right balance of speed and fuel efficiency. If I’m really moving I can produce 1/3cord “facecord” of firewood in 15 minutes by myself. Don’t be fooled into paying more for a splitter that’s the size of a small processor, log cradles work nice splitting perfect wood on YouTube, but splitting real world tree service wood they hinder production. This splitter design allows you to get right next to the beam and easily resplit and position large and ugly pieces. If you need to tow a lot at highway speeds get the HO. If you have multiple people working the machine get an SHO or HDI. For one man this is all the performance you’re ever going to need.

  8. Joe Shamrock

    Absolute beast! I have the 35C with the table extension. I don’t sell firewood, just heat my shop with a wood stove. Some of my friends think it is overkill, but it is so much faster and fun to run than my old husky splitter. My time is valuable and I can easily split a winters worth of wood in a weekend. Plus, these things hold their value, used ones almost bring new prices. Go for it!

  9. Danny Clark

    I absolutely love my 35 ton compact commercial. Have only put 26 hours on it. It has been flawless. Thanks Wolfe ridge team for making a great machine.

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