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Wolfe Ridge MFG dealer -Chase Winston Industries - 4686 Camanche Road Ione, CA 95640

Russell DeWalt
Chase Winston Industries
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Chase Winston Industries - 4686 Camanche Road Ione, CA 95640

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce our newest log splitter dealer on the West Coast! Chase Winston Industries is located near Sacramento California. Russel DeWalt owns a couple of our machines to process and sell firewood and have been great to work with out there. He is starting a new venture with equipment sales, and they now have a couple of our smaller wood splitters in stock. If you are on the West Coast and have been interested in our log splitters, please give these guys a call! They are the only dealer we currently have west of the Mississippi river, and luckily they are the nicest guys you will ever meet as well.
~Chris Wolfe

I have been cutting and selling firewood since I was in high school. This has never been a full time job, but has always been a great way for me to supply wood to our families and friends and make a little extra spending money on the side. Despite the fact that I am in my 40's, I still love to do it and call it my outdoor gym and a way to regain some sanity after a busy week at my regular job. I have a wood yard at a ranch that has been in my family since the mid 1800's and enjoy the time I spend cutting and processing the firewood. I have used a large variety of tools over the years to process the wood and recently discovered Wolfe Ridge MFG when doing some on-line research. I decided Wolfe Ridge was the machine for me after talking with Chris. After being a very satisfied customer I then decided to become a distributor for Wolfe Ridge MFG here on the West Coast. I am happy to be able to provide a superior product for customers in our region and look forward to many years of working with Wolfe Ridge MFG.
~Russell DeWalt

Located in Ione California, Southeast of Sacramento, Chase Winston Industries has become a full line dealer for Wolfe Ridge MFG Professional Log Splitters and firewood processing equipment.

We’re always busy, it’s best to call first for an appointment to see our line of Wolfe Ridge Log Splitters!

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