You may have questions before ordering your new Wolfe Ridge product. Here we have posted some of our most frequently asked questions – and answers!

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Current lead times as of 6/17/2024:
Vertical Log Splitters = 8-10 weeks
Horizontal Log Splitters = 6-8 weeks
Firewood Conveyors = 4-6 weeks
Skid Steer Splitters = Select models IN STOCK now
Bagging Stations = IN STOCK
Fire Rings = IN STOCK

No. We like to treat every customer equally so we have a first come first serve policy. Once we receive your order and down payment, that gets you on the build list and locks in your pricing. Paying for the whole balance right away is fine, but it does not bump your order up in the schedule.

Yes. For a quote, please click the “contact us” button above.  Be sure to include the product(s) you are interested in, and your full ship-to address so we can get an accurate freight quote to you.

You can also buy and pick up your Wolfe Ridge products from your nearest dealer.  Often times there will be less wait time, and they may even have the machine you’re looking for in stock!  Check the dealer section of our website for more information.

Yes!  We work with several freight companies and ship our products several different ways.  From LTL on a pallet, fully enclosed crate, to partial flatbed.  Please fill out the contact form or give us a call at +1-715-598-7790 for more information.

Every wood splitter that we build is fully assembled, tested, and ready to use before it leaves our factory.  We do recommend double checking oil levels, but other than that you should be ready to put it to work!

We have a full 1 year parts and labor warranty on all of our machines, 3 years on all Honda engines. After that time, we can sell you replacement parts at reduced prices to keep you running for decades to come! If you have trouble with one of our machines, please send an email to wolferidgemfg@gmail.com with the concern and photos. and we will get fixed up!

We have an estimated ship date listed on your invoice at the time you place your order. We are pretty accurate with our lead times give or take a week or two. We will send you an email 2-3 weeks before the build is complete to let you know it is almost done. That will give you some time to get final payments in and arrange shipping or pick up. If you haven’t heard from us by your estimated ship date then contact us and we can update you. Otherwise we ask that you keep an eye on your email around the estimated ship date. Also, check your spam folder – sometimes they will end up there.

The 12 way wedge works best for fireplace or bundled wood size splits. Best range is from 12 to 18 inch diameter. This gives you a good mix of sizes and shapes to promote fast drying, and the pieces are not too big for most customers. Most pieces are 3″ x 4″ when used on a 16″ diameter log for example.

That all depends on the size of the log… We prefer the 6 way wedge for logs from about 9 to 14″ diameter for quick one pass splits. Once you get over that 14″ size, it’s time to change wedges.

Yes, we make a box wedge splitter, but it is built differently than our most popular models.  Box wedges create a lot more scraps than our star shaped wedges. Putting a log with a circular grain pattern thru a square box blade creates this extra mess. Box wedges also require more tonnage and add more wear and tear on the machine due to shearing thru the logs unnaturally.  Our standard box wedge is 3.5 x 3.5 inch square.  We have other sizes available.  Please visit our “Horizontal Splitters” section and click on Box Wedge Machine for more info.

It is very rare for us to have any sort of used machines here. We build and ship new splitters all over the country. If the customer is looking to upgrade, we help them sell the machine locally to save on transportation costs. Used Wolfe Ridge machines are highly sought after and they do not stay on the market long.  You can always check with us to see if there’s anything available, visit the contact section of this website.

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