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At Wolfe Ridge MFG we get many compliments on the quality and features of our professional grade log splitters. We have posted a few on this page and would love to hear more from our customers!

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I just wanted to say thank you for building me such an amazing log splitter. I have yet to find a log that I cant split with ease. This machine shreds through hardwood Up to 3ft in diameter at 24” lengths... I have also yet to find a log the elevator can’t lift... I’ll keep trying though.

The question I did have is if you guys plan on manufacturing a kindling attachment? This is the only thing I struggle with regarding machine.

Ryan Cokic
Bethany, Connecticut

Ran the splitter for a few hours today. It is awesome! I have never ran a firewood splitter that fast with that much capacity before. Definitely what we need!

Thank you for all of your help! I look forward to working with you in the future! It is nice to be able to do business with someone building a quality so close to home for me.

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I purchased a PRO 28 yesterday from your distributor in Marysville PA. The distributor, Mr Daum was a complete professional.

I arrived an hour early and he was prepping my splitter. I was very impressed, he checked every nut and bolt and all hydraulic connections. He then took the time to explain everything about the splitter. You have a great distributor here in Marysville PA. Just thought you would like the feedback.

~Steven S. - Succasunna NJ

The two Chucks, (husband and son), Thoroughly enjoyed working with the Pro log splitter!

Thanks for making a fine product that serves people well in the lumber department! We’re average people who have learned to work with wood, and it’s very satisfying! Keep up the good work!

~Marisa B

I received my 28 ton high output splitter on Wednesday. I've used it twice since then and I couldn’t be happier. It was built with the user in mind and performs flawlessly.

I've run many other log splitters and this is by far my favorite. The Wolfe Ridge people are friendly and will answer even the dumbest of questions for you. I highly recommend Chris and his guys and their work!!!

~David H - Scott Arizona

Just wanted you to know. I couldn’t wait to try out my New 28 Pro Splitter. I had around 10 people at my house tonight and we couldn’t wait for Saturday to start Splitting on the pile of rounds I have accumulated for two weeks, big pile. We threw everything at it we could. Oak, Elm, Maple, big, small, knotty, smooth and straight, that splitter ate them alive. One guy kept grabbing knotty huge pieces trying to stop the splitter, finally he turned around and there wasn’t anything bigger or badder to throw at it. Everyone was really impressed!

Thanks so much for your service and I look forward to the Saturday show down where we go all out splitting wood all day.

Thanks so much! ~Ray - LaCrosse, WI

Hi Chris,

Just wanted you to know we received the PRO 28 log splitter last week and are beyond impressed! I put two cords of wood through it and can’t wait to split through some more maple. Thank you for such a quality, well built machine!

~Eric - Lynden, WA

Hello Chris!

We received the new Pro28C Wolfe Ridge splitter and can't be more happy with it. The product is well built and exactly what you say it is, best money ever spent. My buddy and I split the cost of the splitter and just want to say thank you, it is amazing and its actually enjoyable to split now!

~Patrick and Adam - Bangor, Maine


My Wolfe Ridge Pro28C is the best splitter for my use here in Leavenworth Washington. Splitting Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and Maple, works like a dream. I've been using the machine frequently, it is a great machine, excellent workmanship and engineering!

~John A. - Leavenworth Washington

I have never seen such fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. I wear my Wolfe Ridge hat with pride.

Thanks again,

~Marion -Maryville, TN

Chris, Wanted to give you an update on the splitter. My brother bought a place that is totally surrounded by large red and white oaks. So much so that I loaded my trailer last Saturday with the splitter, tractor, and wood chipper to help him clear several large trees that were overhanging the ½ mile driveway. With 3 saws and the chipper running we quickly had things cleaned and ready to split wood. My brother had seen pictures of the splitter and I told him it was a game-changing beast but he had never seen it in person, nor had my 3 teenage nephews that were helping us. Needless to say…..they all love it!

In the past, the guy running the vertical splitter drew the short end of the stick wrestling rounds over and over through the splitter while the others stood around watching and occasionally stacking a piece or two. Not any more! With one laying wood on the lift and a couple stacking wood off the sorting table and me at the controls, we were flying through the wood. It wasn’t long before the complaints started about how this thing makes you work! We ended up just short of 4 cords that afternoon and the splitter wasn’t even working up a sweat! I was already impressed with it’s operation but I really got to see what its capable of.

Fantastic piece of equipment you’ve come up with here! Well built, thought out, easy to operate. Just wanted to say thank you! Sincerely, Matt

To Chris and Everyone at Wolfe Ridge MFG,

I can't begin to explain how thrilled I am with this well built American made log splitter. The design, engineering and quality manufacturing that goes into those machines is unsurpassed. It is also a pleasure doing business with a company that when you call on a Saturday, the owner picks up the phone! My splitter is the envy of the neighborhood and I will continue to spread the word about Wolfe Ridge MFG.

~Paul Panetta - Norwood, MA

Hands down one of the best purchases I have made, the quality is superb. If you are undecided then don't be this machine is a lifesaver. Work smarter not harder. Great customer service.

~Kevin Chavis

The splitter has arrived! It looks great. Its actually bigger framed than I thought. It will save us a ton of time splitting wood. I can remember seeing your splitter on the Morgans YouTube channel a long time ago, and I've seen it on Back 40's as well and been drooling for a while. Finally able to justify it and I'm glad its even better than imagined. Cant wait to break this splitter in! Its been a pleasure doing business with you.

~Cody - MO

I have the best splitter in the world, you can't get one better than this! I just love it!

~Larry - Arkansas

Hey Chris, I just wanted to touch base. My uncle has been unwell and so we just got around to Fully using the 28 Pro Splitter yesterday. The machine was a wonder' Worked Fantastically! Split some large knotty oak pieces with ease, which was nice. I'm not sure if we got a Full cord in on hour but the machine split firewood like a beast.

Thanks for everything!

~Weston - SE Wisconsin

Thanks Wolfe Ridge, This Log Splitter Looks Fantastic!

The 1st cord of firewood I split mode my back Feel great! Thanks again For the great craftsmanship!

~Chris - Tennessee

I've Read Excellent Reviews On Everything You Make.

Came across a You Tube video of "Outdoor with the Morgan's" and watched your splitter and conveyor in action. Very impressive products to say the least. We have a small ranch in Oklahoma and om in the market for a good log splitter. There are a lot of log splitters on the market, but your 22 and 28 ton models are the best I've seen. More expensive obviously, but you get what you pay for. I fly helicopters for a living so I have to save some pennies before I purchase the 22 ton model. I've read Excellent reviews on everything you make. Cool part is my mother's maiden name is Wolfe. She'll get a kick out of that. Thanks for making on outstanding product.

~Jeff M - ArmyAviator

Every Time I Use it I'm Amazed.

Hi Chris, I just wonted to let you know how happy I am with your splitter. I have 110 hours on it. Every time I use it I'm amazed. 110 hours with your machine is like 600+ hours with my old splitter If anyone in the Madison area is looking for a reference I'd be happy to shown them my machine or talk to them.

~Dave - Madison WI

Ended Up Getting The 35 SHO

Hey Chris. I spoke with you about two weeks ago about the 28c splitter. I went to your dealer, Faith Form & Equipment in Salisbury NC to pick one up and ended up getting the 35 SHO. Congratulations on designing and building a outstanding splitter. Keep up the good work.