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Where do you find a high quality commercial grade log splitter built just for you?

Wolfe Ridge Manufacturing produces custom made, built to order log splitters, firewood conveyors, skid steer attachments and more!  We take pride in our work and love to be able to serve our customers with the best Made in the USA log splitters available!

We build large, heavy duty machines customized with the options that you need for your firewood processing operation. We go the extra mile to know that your new log splitter will look great and have a long trouble free life. We utilize high quality components like Honda GX series engines, Prince hydraulics, Eclipse Powder Coating, high strength U.S. Steel to ensure that your new machine will last for decades.

Check out our line-up of solutions to your firewood processing needs. Whether you are a large scale commercial producer that needs to produce 2 full cord per hour or a home owner that would like to spend more time enjoying life, our firewood splitters can help!

We do have discounts for our Military Veterans as a thank you for serving our great country! Be sure to ask for this when ordering!

~Chris Wolfe

Hello everyone and THANK YOU for checking out Wolfe Ridge! I am Chris Wolfe, the founder of Wolfe Ridge MFG. Back in 2015 I lost my long time job as a Certified Welder Fitter and had to sell the 35 ton splitter I had built to make ends meet. After being overwhelmed with calls for this unpainted scrap metal splitter, I offered to build another one for a local guy. Luckily the customer agreed and I built him a splitter too! When I went to drop it off, he was super impressed and suggested that I keep building wood splitters for others. I took his advice and started building another machine and kept the ad running. Soon I was getting orders for 1 or 2 machines per week and had to hire help to keep up. We quickly outgrew my 26 x 32 home garage and in 2016 I was able to rent space at the local powder coat shop. From there we continued to improve the machines and soon had to hire more help!
In 2017 we moved into the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center where we had access to more space and low cost for rent to help us employ people in the area. This was a great stepping stone that allowed us to build machines in an industrial setting, very close to other vendors. While at the CVIC we had 7 employees and after 3 years we were able to buy land and started to put up our own 12,000 square ft. building. This allowed us to grow even more to 20 employees and we were busting at the seams!! In 2023 we were able to add on another 13,000 Sq ft to the existing shop which will allow us to hire even more talented welders and assemblers!
Through it all we always sought to make the products that we produce even better! The machines that we built back in 2015 are nothing like what we build now, and that is a good thing! We are constantly working to make the splitters, conveyors, and skidsteer attachments that we build here even more intuitive and we always try to be one of the industry leaders!
Thanks so much to all the folks who gave Wolfe Ridge a shot and allowed us to continue this pursuit!  The #WolfeRidgeFamily continues to grow, and we couldn’t do it without YOU!
~Chris Wolfe

Just wanted to say thank you!

Wolfe Ridge MFG Shop Tour 2021



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